Wednesday, July 18, 2012

February and March! Settling into Flo-rida life

Sorry for  being a lazy bones in getting this post up. I have no excuse other than I was lazy. Haha!

Since January was a blur full of excitement, it was time to settle down and explore working in a dressage barn and Florida in general.

Feb and March were mainly months full of fast-paced craziness and Pam whipping me into shape. With the odd night out in West Palm Beach, a quick road trip to Miami, some Paddy's Day celebrations.....need I continue? ;)

As the heat began to rise, so did my photo collection of all the horses and other animals in the barn! It is amazing how over a short period of time how you can get to know the horses that you look after. So much so, they are willing to have their pictures taken.

                                                       Peanut drinking a cup of Lyons Tae

                                                    Amalon heard that the kettle was on to boil

                                                       Ginger hit the town too hard last night

                                                         Jealous? 30 degrees celsius in Feb??!!

February was a great month for me and my riding. I was finally getting going and OWNING IT with Peanut and I was having a great time. As Pam says, "You are going TO RIDE not going FOR A RIDE!!!" He is a great little horse to make you work for it, that is for sure! I perfected my half passes, my passage transitions and getting the base of the neck. It is a very different way of riding to the way I used to ride at home, but that is what I am here for!

March came in as quick as Feb did. March is the ending month for the winter season in WPB. So it was busy month to see as much as I could before we would head up to New Hampshire until November. So, I had Paddy's Day to enjoy, a road trip to Miami, more shows to groom at and more riding to do!

                                                    My last grooming gig for the winter season

                                                              Alpenkonig and I (the heat disappeared)

So of course me being a Paddy and all, St Patrick's Day HAD to be had. So the sister (here is a shout out to my older sis - Stephanie!) sent me over a St. Patrick's Day Survival Kit. It was full of t-shirts, whistles, hair ties and hairbands, hair clips and ribbons and wands. Watch out Clematis Street!!

I couldn't resist the urge to dress up a few of the barn regulars...

                                                            Yankee getting into the spirit

                                                               Care package from the Ma

After Paddy's Day, Cavalia was showing in Miami for a few nights. So we were Miami bound. Yurt!

Check out the website, it surely was the best show involving horses that I have seen live. We had to cheapest tickets in the nosebleeds but we could see everything!

               The stage was semi-circular with a hill up the back...and the front of it flooded into a lake!!

After our Miami excursion, the three of us felt that we could re-enact something similar on the horses back at the barn. Riding bridle-less, saddle-less, on our heads etc. But I think that was due to the copious amounts of Skittles and Coke we consumed to stay awake for the trip. The next day we didn't feel so brave...Peanut...Bridle-less??!!

                                                     Miami sunset with the Cavalia tent

Towards the end of March I got to ride Pam's Inter 1 horse, Wyvern. How cool!

                                                       Shauna on Peanut and I on Wyvern

I apologise for the mainly picture filled posts, but I truly left writing this blog too long and it really does catch up! I could write all day but I want to get up to date asap. Next blog post is on packing up the Florida barn and the drive up to New Hampshire. Then all about New Hampshire!!!