Sunday, September 9, 2012

My new home (until Flo-rida again!)

So as promised, here are pics of Foster Meadow in the metropolis that is Boscawen, NH! ( Please note the sarcasm intended with the word 'metropolis') Boscawen is a small town 15 mins north of Concord, NH. Concord is the capital of the NH state.,_New_Hampshire

The most activity about Boscawen is the Dunkin Donuts and the 2 petrol stations. Woot craziness here lads!! But mind you, it is has a large surrounding farming community and there are plenty of farm stands that sell fresh produce.

But the MOST AMAZING THING ABOUT BOSCAWEN (besides Pamela Goodrich's top class dressage training facility) is Richardson's ice cream parlour that is situated no less than a third of a mile down the road!
Holy moly lads they have the BEST produce I have ever come across. Not only that but Jim and Sue are the cream on the sundae. I get such a kick out of them. Ever remember the couple John and Mary O'Leary in Father Ted? Mind you there are no murderous business about them as seen to the extent in Father Ted! But they are always slagging each other and everything. Pure highlight at the end of a work day. Their sundaes are killer, and their ice cream flavours are to die for. I love their coffee oreo, cookie dough, orange sherbert, peppermint oreo...the list is endless! Sue's pies and crisps are heavenly.

Ok, ok I know all ye want to see are the farm pics so here you go lads!!

                              Front view of the barn

                           Stabling on the left side, and indoor to the right

                         Parking lot and indoor. Delia is still alive and kicking too!!

                                    Barn aisle - Sixteen 12ftx12ft stables

 Grooming and wash stalls on left, tack room on near right, door to our apartment by the indoor last on the right
               Outdoor view...with a beautiful backdrop and a hilly field for 'play days'
                      Where all the yelling at happens
                      Pam's house
So here are all the pics! Not much said, but I am writing the next posts on the horses I have been riding. So the fun stuff is coming up!


  1. Looks amazing. That bench seat looks like a hard task-master.

  2. SJ!!!!! Where are his haunches??!! Do you know he is looking right?! lol wouldn't change it!!