Friday, October 26, 2012

To be, or not to be, - that is the question

Back in my Leaving Cert days studying Hamlet was the biggest mental block that I have experienced.... that is until now!

My latest block is figuring out what to do after my time here. Here in the US at this moment, I would be deemed as a professional. Horses are my profession, my job, my life etc. At home somehow I think it would be different. I often wonder could I see myself doing horses as a career at home or is that a silly notion?

Or am I better to keep horses as a side earner for myself and work part-time?

I had a chat with Mam and Dad when they were over. I will be nearly 28 when my visa expires ( I know everyone says that is still young! ) BUT I do not want to be still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up when I will already be grown up!! I need a plan. Now mind you I am not freaking out about this just yet but as ye already know I am a procrastinator - hence my lacksy-daisy attempts at keeping this blog afloat. A vague plan would be nice. :D

I do know this much, whether I will make horses my career or not I will get myself a great horse that I can get to FEI level. My Dad said to me that I am very demanding which I was horrified at! I said am I that much of a b***h??!! He said "Of course not! I meant that whatever you want you will make sure that you get it for yourself, not in a deceitful way but in a hard-working way". Basically whatever I put my mind to I will make sure I make the best out of it, for myself.

I guess he is right? I know that this will be a long road. What was the mean age of all the dressage riders at this past Olympics? Forties. So I have some time yet. Not that I am saying I want to aim for the Olympics. Some CDIs in England would suffice!! I know my limits.

Ugh. Growing up is difficult.

On a lighter note, the horses are going great here! I am riding Bernie a few times a week which is amazing. I do the 'physical therapy days' where I have to learn how to get him more through, listening to me and ON my aids. Not easy! This week was a great learning curve, Pam told me how to get it and left me alone. She said I needed to figure it out for myself. Day 1...I got him pretty good but it took quite a while. Day 2...YURT!!! I got it really good and quicker too.

LC had a hard week, our contact has been getting much better. The weather was quite nice and mild so we worked outside for a few of the days. That was a big issue for us for a while as she was originally quite shy and easily bamboozled so I could barely get her around the arena. Then she got quite bold and attempted to stop and try and buck. Difficult as I had not got the control of her shoulders, couldn't get my legs on her etc! Now that the contact is much better this week was brilliant. No major issues outside except turning! Her paces are HUGE. We can cross the short side in 3 canter strides!! The contact was an issue because she is part thoroughbred and TBs tend to need a trusting, solid contact where they have to ride forward and take the bit forward. Because she was still growing, not able to control her own legs and getting to know herself I was finding it difficult to keep it all together! My lower back was in bits boi! But this week it all came together...yaytimes!!

 Here is a video of us in action....bear in mind she was tired and I was booting her around the gaf

Hope my riding has improved!!!


                                              Oh lord. We dressed Mischa up. Oh lord. I am a cat lady :'( Crap.

Sooooooooooo excited to be celebrating Halloween here. Like you have no idea. Van Guard Stables is the home of the Behind the Mask theatrical troupe, where one of our amazing clients (Katherine Dow) teaches, rides and competes and part-takes in the troupe. check this out... 

So Van Guard are having THE biggest party tomorrow night. Pictures will follow for sure! The Party is called Van Gore! They have the indoor decorated with a fire pit in the middle manned by skeletons. their viewing room is actually transformed into a viewing room....!/photo.php?fbid=369376159812306&set=a.295532550530001.67857.294897363926853&type=1&theater

So while I finish this post, I am also writing a last minute list for any garb needed to finish off our costumes for this partay....


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